Since Eric Mijnster (1988) returned to the Netherlands after living in a van for more than a year, he has been on countless stages - at theaters, schools, congresses, festivals and organizations - to share his stories and insights through lectures and theater performances.


At school and university Eric learned what he was taught, but not what he wanted to know. He felt as though there was something essential that went unacknowledged. However, he didn't know what that essential piece was. Due to his situation at home being rather intense, he dedicated his life to investigating what vital piece was missing. He took a leap into the deep.


Eric started to follow his intrinsic motivation and discovered flow. A magical experience of ‘being in the moment’ that he in particular experienced on his bike in the mountains. Eric wanted to find out the depth of the flow experience. It brought him to La Route des Grandes Alpes. On June 24th 2015, he cycled 650 kilometers over 14 mountains, in one go, without sleeping.


Eric sold all his things, bought a van and drove away. He asked himself: ‘If everything is possible in the moment of flow, what would happen when I am always in the now? What happens if I give intrinsic motivation free rein?’ Eric rode into the void. For more than a year, he let himself move by nothing. It completely changed his world of experience.