A whole new world opens up when Eric Mijnster becomes aware of his intrinsic motivation. He decides to base his life on that. It brings him, among other adventures, to La Route des Grandes Alpes: a 650 kilometer route from Lake Geneva, over 14 mountains, to the Mediterranean Sea. Eric wants to cycle the route in one go, without sleeping. He succeeds.


‘If I can cycle over 14 mountains on the basis of intrinsic motivation, what happens if intrinsic motivation is given free rein?’ Eric wonders. He sells all his things and decides to live in a van to get the answer. After more than a year he drives back to the Netherlands. It is time to share his discoveries.


“Within a few seconds our team (mainly sales people, I hope you can imagine) was silent.”
– Dorien de Boef, Manager Healthcare at ABN AMRO


Eric takes you on an incredible journey with lived-through anecdotes, self-written music and stunning images. How does he deal with the peaks and troughs? How does he manage to cycle for 36 consecutive hours? What happens if he drives into the unknown? It results in a compelling story that is rich in applicable insights.


“His documentary and book touch you, and when Eric is in front of an audience, he really gives you goosebumps with his story.”
– Myrthe Geerts, consultant at the Supreme Court of the Netherlands


Eric bridges the gap between his own experience and similar challenges that people in your organization are facing. With his lecture he increases self-knowledge in areas such as focus, freedom of choice and intrinsic motivation. It gives people the confidence to be more empowered and to use their own ‘inner authority’. Eric shares his story with industries including business, healthcare, education, sports, and many others. A lecture fits seamlessly with common themes, such as:


  • Promoting sustainable employability
  • Dealing with setbacks and change
  • Encouraging personal leadership
  • Optimizing happiness at work


Numerous organizations have become acquainted with the story that opens frames of thought and connects people, including:

“Within a few seconds our team (mainly sales people, I hope you can imagine) was silent. Eric is an open-minded guy who tells his life story with vulnerability and passion. Especially the realization that you can really make a choice yourself, even if it doesn't seem that way, is grandiose. From suffering to leading, I won't forget that. Thank you Eric, you inspired me and us! ”
– Dorien de Boef, Manager Healthcare at ABN AMRO


“Eric Mijnster doesn't need scientific research to simply apply the essence of happiness to his own life. From the inside. It's a wonderful pleasure to cycle with him in his book or in his lecture in the direction of the sincere feeling of happiness. ”
– Leo Bormans, author of, among others, The World Book of Happiness


"It touches! Students were listening with goosebumps and were blown away."
– Katarina Temme Pidcock, teacher at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam




"His documentary and book touch you, and when Eric is in front of an audience, he really gives you goosebumps with his story."
– Myrthe Geerts, communication consultant at the Supreme Court of the Netherlands


“Thank you for your beautiful story and the inspiration that you have given me to believe more in myself (and others). You were great, combining your story with singing and let alone the message. ”
– Remy Baeten, Corporate Recruiter at AB Werkt


“Recognizable, powerful and inspiring. Gives a boost. You have inspired me and us to take a new path and take the plunge. Just do it!"
– Evelien Burgmans, personal assistant at High Tech Software Cluster


“Eric tells a beautiful, authentic story. Straight from the heart. About intrinsic motivation. About leading instead of suffering. It gives you strength to give that (even) more and more consciously a place in your daily life. Both business and private. "
– Elles Mensink, PR & marketing manager at Fakton


"Rarely experienced such a jealous making and inspiring lecture during a network meeting."
– Fred Rommens, director at Treetops


“Eric encourages reflection. He gave us an insight into his life by telling stories in a very pure way and singing raps that affect us all. With questions like who are you, what do you want and what is stopping you, we were immediately in the right position to work at the Workplace. ”
– Maud van Zandvoort, coordinator for the Fontys Professional Workplace


“A very inspiring and recognizable story. What an experience and guts, lived through and fitting in with today's issues. "
– Paul Driesen, mind connector at Delphi Mindconnection


"Eric is a digger of neglected dreams."
– Henk-Jan Hoefman, organizer of Festival Compassie


“If you talk to Eric afterwards, it is as if the show continues. Nothing has been played. "
– Gertjan, visitor lecture at Parktheater Eindhoven


“Inspiring. Bold. Exciting. Eric takes you on a personal journey in which the emotions and permanent scars can be felt in the room. Nevertheless, he gives this a positive and particularly inspiring turn in his story that literally and figuratively reaches the highest peaks! ”
– Luc Cousin, manager at Sika Nederland B.V.


“A beautiful and inspiring story that made a big impression on the teacher team. Such an impression that all students of our school will also hear this story. You are the owner of your own life and very, very much is possible. "
– School Community Sophianum


"This story must be passed on."
– Hans Hupperetz, director of School Community Sophianum (after second visit)


“A very inspiring and jealous making story. Everyone can identify with this. My students were visibly touched. If I had heard Eric's story earlier in my life, I would have dared to venture into the deep. "
– Inge Derks, teacher at Albeda College


"I felt the desire to realize all the dreams I have myself."
– Leyla, organizer of Pech Kucha Veldhoven


"Eric has contributed to our theme evening where the subject was ownership. Through his fascinating way of presenting, he was able to inspire the audience. His life story nicely reflects how you can realize ownership of your own living process in order to make your dreams come true.”
– Paul Brouwers, teacher at Hogeschool de Kempel


"He accurately names the devil in us."
– Teacher at Fontys Hogescholen


“Eric is a special speaker, he takes you on a journey and inspires you to do the same. Thanks to Eric I know that I can combine my passions and don't have to limit myself to this.”
– Saranda Walgaard, organizer at Metzonderwerk


"I wish every child could hear this message."
– Ike van den Berg, innovative education supervisor at Primary School the Wonder


“Eric's way of telling in combination with beautiful photos immediately creates a sort of urge for me to do something myself. He easily translates his experiences and adventures into themes such as self-knowledge, perseverance and making choices. His gaze on this is enlightening and motivates me to realize my dreams. This lecture is a must-see. ”
– Rolf Honderslo, student at Saxion Hogeschool


“I have been listening silently until the last second. I also thought it was amazing how you can connect a room to you in all your vulnerability, by really only telling your story. Something so simple and yet ... it makes all those abstract guru concepts worthless. ”
– Stijn de Kleuver, trainee at Regio Twente


“We were hanging on his lips! Relaxed, authentic and from his heart, Eric inspired, moved and fascinated the audience. ”
– Tanja Steenhorst, organizer of FietsFiesta Breda


“The story of Eric Mijnster does not let go, makes you think about your own choices, about leading versus suffering, about the power of your passion as engine oil. I'm a fan."
– Conny Reijngoudt, director of Bibliotheek aan den IJssel